Denim Jeans

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Denim jeans were originally created for the workers in the 18th century. The original idea behind the jean was to offer protection to the plantation workers. The jean material was extremely strong and worked as a means to protect the workers bodies from harm. The jeans were a deep indigo in color and worked well due to the fact that because the color was so dark, the jeans did not fade quickly. As jeans made their way through the eras of the western times, World War 2, the rebel stage and the hippie genre, jeans finally made their way to the 80s. The 80’s was the decade that took jeans to not only the designer level, but also to the grunge level. The 80s jean look was very rocker-esque; some might even call it the gothic look. Ripped skinny jeans were one of the hottest looks during the 80s, in multiple colors including brights; as bright colors are what the 80s tend to be known for. As history would presume to repeat itself, ripped jeans are and will be showing up again. Except this time, the look is known as the “Recession Chic” look.

With the wake of the recent recession still hitting us, people are beginning to mimic the times. This is the perfect time for history to repeat itself. Because a lot of people have suddenly lost their jobs, they are forced to take on looks that may be considered vintage. Bring on the rips. Nothing says vintage and no money like huge holes in someone’s pants. However, these holes are now a trend rather than means for people to make someone the laughing stock or everyone’s jokes. As jeans were once used for their strength, jeans now have no “strength” purpose what so ever. The more rips in the pants in the up and coming season the better.

Media scanning is a fun and insightful look into the life of fashion. While searching for my trend I made sure to pay close attention to street walkers while in the Boston area as big cities such as Boston tend to bring out the most unique styles. I went and walked around areas on Newbury...
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