Dengue Fever

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Dengue fever

Spring 2009

Dengue Fever: is an infectious disease, which it is caused by tiny pathogenic (harmful) organisms that can be contagious by spreading among people upon contact with an infected person. (Tirtha Chakraborty, 2008) “Dengue is the most common and widespread arthropod-borne viral infection in the world.” (World Health Organization, 2008) The mosquito Aedes aegypti, who feed during the day are the transmitters of the virus. They are found in the tropic areas and Africa. The disease is caused by four closeley related but distinct types of serotype viruses named dengue virus 1(DEN-1), dengue virus2 ( DEN-2), dengue virus 3 (DEN-3), and dengue virus 4 (DEN-4) named by Albert Sabin in 1944. (World Health Organization, 2008) Dengue virsus are small, spherical single-stranded RNA viruses with an evelope from the family Flavividae. Its classification is Group IV (+) ssRNA, the Flavivirdea Family, Genus: Flavivirus, and Species: Dengue Virus. Symptoms of Dengue virus are fever, discomfort, rash, sever headach, muscle and joint pains which also called “Break bone fever”. (Tirtha Chakraborty, 2008)

This term paper will define the mosquito virus Dengue fever by looking at the history,transmission, symptoms, treatment and prevention. It will help you gain knowledge and inform you of recent epidemics of the virus. Dengue is the most common and widespread arthropod-borne viral infection in the world.” (World Health Organization, 2008) There is no known cure for the virus. Without proper care in some sever cases, the victim may go into shock and death within twenty-four hours. (World Health Organization, 2008)

The death toll for the virus is 10,000 + per a year. Dengue cases will grow within each year. United Nations Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change announced that by 1085 , at least 3.5 billion people will be at risk for the disease. (Wenner, 2008) History

The term “dengue” origins are not clear but some say it is from the Swahili phrase “ka-dinga pepo”, which is described as evil spirit. The first recorded potential case of dengue is in a Chinese medical encyclopedia from Jin Dynasty (265-420 AD). The Chinese stated it was a water poison due to flying insects. (Wikipedia, 2007) The first bona fide cases of dengue were recorded in 1779 in Batavia, Indonesia and in Cairo, Egypt. In 1780, the first definitive case was reported by Dr. Benjamin Rush, he termed the disease as “break bone fever” because of his patient symptoms of Myalgia and Arthralgia. (Web MD, 2008) The first reported epidemic was in 1818 with 50,000 cases. In 1827, dengue became a global concern when the first recorded pandemic of dengue in the Caribbean-Gulf-Atlantic region happen. Started in the Virgin Islands then moved to the west of Cuba, Jamaica, Venezuela, then United States port cities of Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana. Moved on to Mexico and disappeared in 1828 after ten years. (Tirtha Chakraborty, 2008) The viral etilogy and the tranmission by mosquitos were deciphered in the twentyth centuary. (Wikipedia, 2007)

In America there were fewer epidemics in the early nineteen hundreds. Also population movements during World War II help make the spread the disease. And in the seventies with the rise in international air travel, making the virus easy transferred from country to country. (Frankel, 1995) The worst of dengue fever is dengue hemorrhagic fever. Is classified with the most feared of all viral diseases. (Tirtha Chakraborty, 2008) Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) can cause trauma or worse, fatalilty. DHF happens when a host is reinfected with the viruse. DHF effects most parts of the body as a multisystem syndrome. The vascular system is damaged and can not recopurate itself. There are still Dengue epidemics occurring today. Last year on December 1, 2008 an outbreak occurred in Carins on Queensland, Australia. As of March 2009 there were...

References: World Health Organization. (2008, April 10). Dengue Fever in Brazil. Dengue Fever in Brazil , p. 2.
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