Topics: Sales, Sales management Pages: 2 (1195 words) Published: June 1, 2014
The Review Session
Bannister, B. D., & Pilo, C. A.

Jack Adams’s mind wandered as he sat outside Bill Squire's office awaiting his yearly performance review...
Well, it's 8:25. Five more minutes to go. Fifteen years with the company and this new district manager, Squire, couldn't even call and request this meeting personally. These annual performance appraisals are tough enough and here I've got a bad sales record for the past 12 months. Surely he'll be able to understand that the sales decreases were a result of the new territory assignments. Two major accounts taken away - not to mention all of the smaller ones. It took me years to develop those accounts and now someone else reaps the benefits. I know my capabilities, I work hard. Next thing you know, Squire will probably tell me to stop playing golf with the customers from my old accounts. Who was it that thought this territory reorganisation would be an improvement anyway? So what if some of the reps increased their sales records? Come to think of it, I was kind of surprised that the rep over in the eastern counties increased her sales by over 30 percent. Wonder how she did it. Well, no concern of mine. Somehow in the next 60 minutes I’ll have to make Squire understand my 18 percent deficit. This is ridiculous. I’ve met this guy twice.

Meanwhile, inside his office, Bill Squire glanced at his watch, which read 8:30. Doubting that his salesperson Adams would be on time, he glanced over the data sheets nervously... Certainly hope this meeting doesn't take more than half an hour. So much work to do today. I waited years for this promotion – just never knew it would be so much work! Incredible! Sometimes the other sales managers seem so calm. Bet they're faking it. Now I've got these damn performance appraisals to do. Lucky for me I’ve got these computer printouts. Let’s see ... who is this guy? Adams, huh? Eighteen percent below quota. Well, he'll have to explain that! Isn't he that tall redheaded guy? I...
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