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Topics: Air freshener, Boiling, Water Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Good Afternoon Everyone, my name is __________. My demonstration Speech today will be based on creating your own air freshener.

Ever walk into an environment that just doesn’t smell right? No I mean literally. The smell of a certain space can be a mood changer. According to the website housechen the first modern air fresheners were used by the Military in 1948 as a way to dispense insecticides.

I am confident that all of us at some time have needed to change the smell of our environment with the use of air freshners. Today air fresheners can be costly. Most air fresheners today have to be plugged into an electric outlet adding to its expense. The great part about making your own air freshener is that its inexpensive to make and you can design it the way that you want. You can express yourself depending on the color scent and container.

Several years ago while our family was living in Phoenixville, Pa. we opened up a candle shop. What we soon found out is that while people love the scent of candles they often fear the flame aspect of the experience. We then decided to make and sell Smelly Jelly air fresheners and have made them for several years even after selling our business.

SO lets start by doing the most important thing, which is to find all of the supplies.

The first step is to gather the equipment you will need you can do this by visiting your local hobby store or searching online. I use

You will need your medium; I recommend buying this in crystal form from a hobby center. You will need containers; you can find fancy glasses at the dollar store of go to the local hobby store or even a garage sale to find something that you like. I use small canning jars as they work best for me. You need boiling water. This can be done with a simple teapot. You will need fragrance or scent. I use scent from a hobby store and I buy in bulk. You also need color dye. You must get this from a hobby store, as candle dye will...
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