Demonstrative Communication Must Be Clear to Be Understood

Topics: Communication, Thought, President Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Demonstrative communication is a form of communication that does not follow the most widely used forms of communication, verbal and written. Demonstrative communication can be more difficult for the sender to communicate, as well as challenging for the receiver to comprehend. When you communicate in writing or speaking, you have the ability to be very clear in your communication. Both the sender and the receiver can ask questions and comment with communication, until you each have a good understanding of the subject at hand. Demonstrative communication is more of a form of sign language. One must be able to clearly read the signs coming from the other. To be able to understand the signs you must know something of your audience. While verbally speaking the word yes, is a clear communication, someone who shakes his head up and down to mean yes, may not be as easily understood. When I was a new employee at the previous company I worked for, we were called to a management meeting where the President/Owner of the company did all the talking. On my way up to the meeting, people were discussing that the meeting wouldn’t be a good one, as the president never had anything nice to say, and enjoyed calling people out to embarrass them. I heard these conversations all around, me, but didn’t really listen. Since I was new to the team, I guess I assumed these were unhappy employees, who didn’t know as much as I did. The meeting was held around a massive conference table, with the President at the head of the table, positioned that he could see everyone in attendance. Once the meeting got underway, I was shocked at the way he spoke to his senior management team. He was disrespectful, even calling people names, and belittling them during the meeting. No one spoke a word except for the President. I now understand he was using scare tactics to communicate. At one point he looked at me, and I felt a chill go through me. He called me out and asked me why I didn’t...
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