Demonstrative Communication

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Demonstrative Communication
BCOM /275
January 27th 2014

Favorable outcome of any conversation is determined by how well the message is received and responded to. In demonstrative communication the use of nonverbal cues and gestures are often utilized to convey a message. These cues can range from facial expressions to body language to the tone of ones voice during the exchange and determines if the message is effective, ineffective, positive or negative. Ineffective demonstrative communication can occur when the messenger in not knowledgeable about what he/she is speaking about. They are unable to elaborate, answer questions or offer solutions to any inquires. The ineffective communicator is often a poor listener and interrupts others during conversations because they are preparing their responses instead of listening to the message. Their attitude and emotions are expressed through their body language most notably their lack of eye contact, slouching or crossing of their arms. In a business setting individuals who are unable to process received messages appropriately and who offer no feedback when a message is relayed tend to misinterpret the message. This can often lead to costly mistakes and a breakdown in the working relationship.

An example of this is a Director who does not understand the foundation of his department, he is unable to speak intelligently on how his department operates and discuss the corrective actions implemented to prevent costly litigations when inquiries are made from counsel. He is unable to expand on the strategies his department employs to support the overall improvement and recommended retraining that exceeded the company’s standards. As a result the counsel determined that the company did not take necessary steps to improve its processes to avoid future mistakes and implemented a hefty against the Directors department. Ineffective communication from the sender can cause conflict and erode...
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