demonstrative communication

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Demonstrative Communication
Ryan Robinson
March 24, 2014
David Mallory

Demonstrative Communication
Demonstrative communication deals with nonverbal and unwritten communication and involves things as facial expressions, the tone of voice, the body language. Communication starts with the sender, who must format the message clearly and correctly so that it can be understood correctly. If the sender speaks to fast or miss key things, then this can affect whether the message was delivered the correct way. To be coherent the message itself has to be understandable, if not the message will not be delivered properly. “Communication is an exchange of information via verbal or written messages and it the process of sending and receiving messages.”(Communication, 2012; Cheesebro, T., O’Connor, L. & Rios, F. 2010). A sender and the receiver must be present for any kind of communication to take place and if there is no sender or receiver, then the communication cannot take place. All information is an exchange of communication between the sender and the receiver. The process of sending and receiving information and messages by unwritten communication and non-verbal communication through facial expressions, body language, and the voice of a tone is demonstrative communication. Facial expressions can be viewed as positive or negative by an individual, which depends what kind if facial expression the individual has. A happy face can be viewed as a positive facial expression, but a frown will be viewed as a negative expression. Some people may view facial expressions differently from others because not everyone thinks the same. Body language is used to communicate and interact with others. A person body language can tell you how that individual is feeling. If a person is sitting down and not making eye contact with someone, then that individual has a negative body language. A persons body language can tell you how are suppose to receive the...
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