Demonstrative Communication

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Demonstrative Communication
Staci Gelb

Demonstrative Communication

What is Communication? Communication is the process in which information is passed between individuals through a common system as defined by merriam-webster dictionary. When I think of communication, I am reminded of the Abbott and Costello routine “Who’s on First”. The comedy routine is a perfect example of how things can go wrong if the message is not properly encoded or decoded. Communication can happen either in a positive or negative manner. While watching the skit, the transformation from positive to negative communication is evident. “Who’s on First” is the perfect example of demonstrative communication with all the body language and most of all the tone of voice that happens during the conversation.

Communication starts with the sender who will format the message content, how to deliver it and make sure that the message is clear. The message needs to be coherent so it can be understood by the receiver. This is an important step made by the sender in ensure effective communication through the use of non verbal ways. The sender will need to make sure to use the proper grammar, tone of voice, and gestures that fit with the context of the message.

Demonstrative communication uses body language, tone of voice, facial features, gestures, and any other forms of non verbal interactions. Once the sender engages the transmission of the message the sender will need to pay attention to the audience. The sender can then watch the body language of the receiver in order to confirm the message was received. The receiver’s body language or facial expression can tell a lot.

Going back to “Who’s on First” for moment, you can see all of the non verbal movements of the body by Costello. You could hear the frustration in his voice and see it in his body language when he was trying to get the name of the first baseman, which the coach was telling him all along. The...

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