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Topics: New Mexican cuisine, Mexico, Jalapeño Pages: 4 (874 words) Published: November 13, 2014
Demonstration Speech Outline
Name: Elizabeth Bailey-Smith
COMM 1101- (Section)
Time and Day of Class:
Instructor: Dr. Bailey-Smith

Title: Got Guac?
General Purpose: To inform/demonstrate
Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech the audience will be able to make fresh guacamole made famous at New York City’s Rosa Mexicano restaurant. Thesis: Guacamole is a delicious, easy and nutritious snack that can be made in a few easy steps.

I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter: We all know Americans love to eat. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown our waistlines are expanding again. In fact, a new study for the Center of Disease Control shows that from 1999-2012 the average waist increased from 37.6 inches to 38.8 inches (McIntosh). B. Relevance/Benefit to audience: Abdominal obesity or “belly fat” as we like to call it is a risk factor for coronary heart disease (American College of Cardiology). We all know eating healthier can prevent some of these health issues from happening. C. Thesis: Guacamole is a delicious, easy and nutritious snack that can be made in a few easy steps. D. Preview: One way for us to eat healthier is to know how to prepare heart healthy dishes. In the next few minutes, I will demonstrate how to make easy and delicious guacamole. First, I will begin by explaining the equipment and ingredients you need and secondly how to put it together.

II. Process
A. Main idea: Equipment and ingredients
1. Supporting Detail: Several years ago, I traveled to New York City and dined at Rosa Mexicano Restaurant. When I ordered the guacamole, they made it at my table right in front of me and gave me the recipe afterwards. Since then, I have made this guacamole too many times to count. 2. Supporting Detail: To begin with you will need a sharp knife, a medium bowl, a fork, and a molcajete (a Mexican mortar and pestle) if you have it, otherwise a small bowl for mashing ingredients, and a wooden spoon (Rosa Mexicano). 3....

Bibliography: American College of Cardiology. ""Location of body fat can elevate heart disease, cancer risk."." 10 July 2013. Science Daily. 21 September 2014. .
McIntosh, James. "American Waistlines Continue to Grow." 17 September 2014. Medical News Today. 21 September 2012. .
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