Demonstrating Effective Leadership Case 29 Prenatal Care for Illegal Immigrants

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Demonstrating Effective Leadership; Case 29: Prenatal Care for Illegal Immigrants Anne KamKim Deolal
PSL5002 – Collaboration, Communication, and Case Analysis for Master’s Learners March 8th, 2015
Mr. Larry Sanderson
Demonstrating Effective Leadership; Case 29: Prenatal Care for Illegal Immigrants

Business organization whether it is a profit or a non-profit agency must have an effective leadership in order to become successful, many people seem to think they are leaders but not all can become effective leaders. Leadership is defined as a person who holds a position as the leader of a group or an organization, and having the power and ability to lead and motivate other people to attain goals such as maximizing productions, productivity, and profits. Good leadership must possess competence and communication skills, have ethical values, be able to establish clear vision that can be share with others. This paper would address the effectiveness of building relationship within the organization and how the leader manages, professional responsibilities and priorities, communicating verbally and in writing, also effectively resolving the issue for the selected Case study – Case 29: Prenatal Care for Illegal Immigrants.

State Representative Randy Richards has proposed a bill to prevent illegal immigrants, from receiving prenatal care from any state agencies or other healthcare providers. He thinks billing the cost to Medicaid is fraudulent, and has a personal belief that providing such benefits is a violation of federal laws. The Executive Director of the state’s Health Care Authority Mike Foley provided an interpretation from the President, and the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services of the statue Title XIX of the Social Security Act. That stated prenatal care should be provided to an individual regardless of a woman’s citizenship or immigration status. Mike Foley went on to explain the cost of providing proper prenatal care for an individual who qualifies for Medicaid is approximately less than $1,000, further explained studies revealed that with proper prenatal care it decreases the risk of any serious medical condition that a child can be born with and could cost over $130,000 to treat in the future. Regardless, any child who is born within the United States is a citizen of this country and would qualify for Medicaid, if his or her parents would not be able to afford to pay. Calculating the cost of prenatal care versus treating long term medical condition would make sense economically. State Representative Randy Richards is one of the leaders and based on his position he wanted to impose a bill without considering the facts that could affect the economic cost to the taxpayers in the near future. His decision was based on personal beliefs and did not factor in the president and the Centers for Medicare Services under the title XIX of the Social Security Act that was enacted 1965( Nevertheless, leaders who possess the position of power, values, ethics and behaviors can impact directly towards the attitudes and behaviors of those lead (Schminke, Wells, Peyrefitte, & Sebora, 2002). Since, State Representative Randy Richards who is one of the state leaders imposed such unethical behaviors, what type of message is he trying to send to the US citizens of this country? Thousands of undocumented illegal immigrants enter the US every year, striving for a better life in the land of milk and honey and the place that offers great opportunity. Would this new proposed bill be used to spiral another unethical action of arresting illegal mothers who applies for Medicaid to be deported back to their birth country? One has to question the effectiveness of State Representative Randy Richards leadership roles and skills, not every leader could walk the talk as some leaders are born to lead while others learn to lead. Mike Foley demonstrated ethical behaviors, what was morally right and dictated the law and...

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