Demonstrate Why World Cities Are Powerful Centres of Economic and Cultural Authority, with Reference to a City That You Have Studied.

Topics: London, Tourism, United Kingdom Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: June 2, 2011
World City: A large city that has outstripped its national urban network and becomes part of an international global system; a centre of world trade and communications; entertainment and sporting spectacles, The headquarters of Non Governments agencies and a major tourist attraction. World cities operate as the centre for a number of links among global network- they are seen as command centres in the ‘borderless domain’ of the global economy. There are three dominant World Cities; these are London, New York and Tokyo. Characteristics and nature of these World Cities are telecommunications, transport hubs, coastal, prestigious location and lifestyle, major financial organisations, centres of trade, NGO’s, IGO’s, tourist attractions centres of cultural activities, etc. World cities are centres of political powers. London for example in which is located in Europe, England is home to the Monarchy Execute and legislate powers in which govern the United Kingdom and influence global politics like with Europe and the Commonwealth. World cities are also centres of world trade and global business and headquarters for TNC’s and NGO’s. In London there is the largest foreign exchange market in the world in which is highly influenced body in global trade and business, it is known as the ‘Square Mile’. London is also home to 220 of the United Kingdom’s top 500 TNC’s and home to 400 NGO’s. World Cities are also key locations for specialised service firms, which have replaced manufacturing as the leading economic sector, for example finance, law, accounting and advertising. They are also markets for a vast range of goods and services, with extraordinary purchasing power. Communication and the transmission of data in a global context is an aspect of world city and why they powerful centres of economic and cultural authority. BBC London is a important way...
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