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Topics: Endangered species, Extinction, Threatened species Pages: 6 (1082 words) Published: October 19, 2014

ESA Paper
Dylan Altman
Biology 102

This paper is to discuss endangered species. It is meant to help understand how a species becomes endangered. It tells who decides which species are considered endangered and what conditions would lead them to become endangered. The paper tells about how endangered species can affect the lives of just a few people but an entire town. Examples are included in the text about how this has happened before. It is easy to understand how a species can be considered endangered but the purpose of the paper is to distinguish the difference between a species and a subspecies. The status of whether a species is a subspecies or a species can have a drastic impact of human lives.

The survival of every species that is still living on Earth is very important to a lot of people. This is so important there is a day dedicated to celebrating Endangered species that are no longer endangered and the species that are still in danger. Endangered Species day is celebrated every 3rd Friday of May (National Wild Life Federation). Sometimes these species can have a great impact on human lives. The ESA or Endangered Species Act is a very strong environmental legislation. It gives the government right to act on private land. This can involve shutting down whole companies that are impacting the survival of a species; this can lead to the crippling of an entire town. Species can be considered a species of a subspecies. This taxonomic status of an organism can have a significant economic and social impact. This is what gets a lot of heated debates started between companies and environmentalist. The companies always argue that the species is not a subspecies but is part of the main species. The environmentalists always argue that the species is a subspecies that is genetically different than the main species.

For a species to be considered endangered it has to qualify for the protection status of the Environmental Species Act. There are several things that could land a species on the endangered list. Some of the things that the Environmental Species Act goes on are, If a large percent of the species habitat has been destroyed, If the species has been over consumed, If the species has been threatened by disease of predation, If there are already plans set to help the species, and If there are any other human factors harming the species (National Wildlife Federation). Animals that are close to extinction or whose numbers have fallen drastically in the past year will be on this list. There is a difference of an animal that is threatened and an animal that is endangered. Endangered animal’s numbers are so low that they could possibly soon become extinct if nothing is done to help them. (Defenders of Wildlife)

Once an animal is on the endangered species list regulations and laws will be set on hunting, trading, buying, or selling the animals. Anything that can be considered hazardous to the survival of the species could be acted against. These laws carry harsh penalties if broken. Even subspecies can be treated just like endangered species. This is where the debate begins. Some argue that no distinction can be made between some species and their so called subspecies. Thes reason this is important is because if the species was just threatened in one area but in other areas it was doing well in other areas it was doing well then the ESA would not be able to get involved. But if the species in that one area are genetically distinct, and are considered subspecies, then the ESA would step in and do something about it. Some argue that there are inadequate criteria to distinct a species and its subspecies. It is important to take into consideration that most of the animals on the ESA list are subspecies. (National Wildlife Federation)

An example of how an endangered species can affect human lives is the case of the northern spotted owl. The northern spotted owl is...

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