Demons of Ghana

Topics: English-language films, Christianity, Demonic possession Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: November 3, 2014
Demons of Ghana
I do believe that demons actually possess the priestesses. The film, Demons of Ghana, shows that the women are being possessed by the spirits by the way they dance, the different movements made by them, and the sounds made by them. In today’s society, how they acted then isn’t explainable, which leads me to believe that there once was a time where there were ancient connections with the Gods through the priestesses. The priestesses will seem to be acting normal and then when the demons take over and they are shown as acting ‘crazy.' The video interviews two different priestesses in particular that were possessed; one violently possessed by a snake God and the other possessed by a War God. The priestess who was possessed by the War God wanted to break her marriage with her God, so she had to go to Christ to break away from her God. Since Jesus was the only form of getting away from these possessions from the Gods, Christians were a way of help. Christians want to chase away these bad Gods and they try to do so by trying to convince the woman that they are not being possessed by several demons because the Gods love them, but instead because of their sinful behaviors. Christians believe women who are easily spiritually influenced is a form of weakness, so that’s why these women are attacked by the devils’ demons. Even though it isn’t an easy task to get rid of the demons from the people, Christians will try to help remove them. In the end, priestesses must say ‘the Blood of Jesus’ to be removed.
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