Demon in the Freezer

Topics: Vaccination, Smallpox, Vaccine Pages: 1 (421 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Demon in the Freezer
Being a frequent reader of Steven King's horror novels, I can honestly say that his creativity is truly demented, and for him to be horrified at Richard Preston's work in his book "Demon in the Freezer” is extraordinarily bizarre. The novel is extremely graphic, especially when Preston describes the symptoms of a type of viola, which, in my opinion, is the most daunting portion of the book. Preston describes a type of variola, hemorrhage small pox, in which bleeding occurs in the skin and is violently fatal that occurred to a student nurse whom Preston has chosen to call, Barbra Birke." spots merged & flooded together, until much of her skin became rubbery and silky smooth to the touch, with a velvety, corrugated look...the whites of her eyes developed red spots, and her faced swelled up as it darkened, and blood began to drip from her nose. It was smallpox blood, thick and darkens until it can looked charred, and can slip off the body in sheets...the rims of Barbara Birke's eyelids became wet with blood, while the whites of her eyes turned ruby red and swelled out in rings around the corneas...the corneas appear sunk in dark red pits, giving to the patient a frightful appearance...the blood in the eyes of a smallpox patient deteriorates over time, and if the patient lives long enough the whites of their eyes will turn solid black..." In the book, the fact that the book is non-fiction and is written as a documentary engulfs the reader and King's mind that it actually happened and is a part of history. It is something that you cannot erase no matter how much you would like to. It is morbid to see how the human race has had to suffer, though it was involuntary, for the scientists to learn about the virus and create a vaccine to cure and eradicate it. Steven King's colossal works have been able to petrify people to their very core. In Preston's book, he has been able to clearly show reader's the history of the virus. If you...
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