Demography and United Nations Ruling

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What is the current population of the Earth?
A) 6.6 million
B) 660 million
C) 1.6 billion
D) 6.6 billion
E) 1.6 trillion

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According to the core-periphery model, where are the richest nations in the world mostly located? A) Southern Hemisphere
B) Western Hemisphere
C) Northern Hemisphere
D) Eastern Hemisphere
E) on the Equator

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Which of the following is NOT an indicator of Social Development? A) life expectancy
B) under age 5 mortality rate
C) adult literacy rate
D) infant mortality rate
E) population density

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What are centrifugal forces?
A) cultural and political forces acting to weaken or divide an existing state B) geological forces acting to cause tectonic plates to move further apart C) economic forces acting to worsen a region's economy

D) geophysical forces acting to create earthquakes
E) sociological forces acting to promote out-migration

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What is an ethnic religion?
A) a religion that seeks the highest ethical values
B) a religion that remains identified with a specific national group C) a religion that originates within a small, relatively isolated geographic area D) a religion that rejects any converts
E) an animist religion

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What country is well known for its official prohibition against unwanted cultural traits, especially in its language? A) France
B) United States
C) Australia
D) India
E) Japan

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What are centripetal forces?
A) geological forces acting to cause tectonic plates to move closer together B) cultural and political forces that promote political unity and reinforce the state structure C) economic forces acting to improve a region's economy

D) geophysical forces acting to prevent earthquakes
E) sociological forces acting to promote in-migration

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All of the following are arguments in favor of globalization, EXCEPT A) globalization is a logical expression of international capitalism that will benefit all peoples and all nations. B) globalization encourages the spread of beneficial new technologies and ideas. C) the removal of trade barriers will cause inefficient local industries to become more efficient, and more able to compete internationally. D) each country and region of the world will profit by concentrating on the activities for which they are best suited in the global economy. E) globalization will lead to world peace.

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According to your text's authors, globalization is the most fundamental reorganization of our planet's social and economic structures since which of the following events? A) Ice Age
B) Demographic Transition
C) Industrial Revolution
D) World War II
E) the Renaissance

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Which of the following factors influences life expectancy?
A) sanitation
B) accident rates
C) frequency of disease
D) nutrition
E) all of these

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Which of the following is (are) an ethnic religion(s)?
A) Judaism
B) Hinduism
C) Mormonism
D) Judaism and Hinduism
E) Judaism, Hinduism, and Mormonism

What does LDC stand for?
A) linked democracies charter
B) liberal democracy of China
C) less developed country
D) liberated democratic country
E) last decolonized countries

In which stage of the Demographic Transition are birth rate and death rate both low? A) stage 1
B) stage 2
C) stage 3
D) stage 4
E) all of these

What is the current overall rate of natural increase (RNI) for the world? A) 0.2% per year
B) 1.2% per year
C) 2% per year
D) 8% per year
E) 12% per year

Which measure represents the international definition of poverty? A) total fertility rate
B) under age 5 mortality
C) percentage of the population living on less than $2 per day D) gender equity
E) GDP average annual percent growth

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