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Georgina Cardona
Angela Neale

The United States is an ageing society. This is having a major impact on the organization and delivery of health care. The population aged 85 and over, the group most likely to need health and long-term care services, is projected to increase by 350% between the years 2000 and 2050 (Humphreys, 2012). This is not necessarily the problem but instead the problem is that there is a slow-growth of working age population. This means that there will be less people paying the taxes that are necessary to pay for public programs for the older population and less people available to provide the services that older people need (Humphreys, 2012). This older population is going to require that healthcare organizations and professionals focus on chronic diseases like heart disease and osteoporosis as opposed to acute illnesses. Medicine styles will need to change from one-time interventions to ongoing management of multiple diseases and disabilities (Humphreys, 2012). Long term care services like nursing homes, home health, personal care, adult day care and congregate housing will become much more in demand due to this aging population as well. Health Care Related Challenges

Two key health-related challenges that the ageing population has to deal with are the need for in-home medical care and increases in health care costs. Health care costs continue to rise because of the demand for health care. As the ageing population increases so will the cost for health care. The problem is that there are more people over the age of 65 than ever before and there are not enough health care professionals available to provide the care these people need. The supply of acute and long-term care workers like nurses and paraprofessional staff, such as CNA’s; home health aides; and personal care attendants is down (Butler, 1997). This is mainly due to low wages and benefits, hard working conditions, heavy workloads...

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