Democrats & Republicans Compare & Contrast

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Rashid Jarrell
Brian Ash
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5 March 2010
Republicans and Democrats
Throughout history, Republicans and Democrats have known to emphasize the differences between their parties and policies. Although there are similarities between the parties, they tend to be overshadowed by individual party ideologies. With so many fundamental differences between the parties, finding topics or issues upon which constituents agree upon can at times be somewhat difficult. Although there are chasms between the voting practices of the parties, there are also some fundamental similarities as well.

Both Republicans and Democrats have unequivocal pockets of political support. When running for office, votes come from various sectors of society: different races, ethnic groups, genders and religions. African-Americans, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans tend to vote for Democrats while Cubans and Caucasians tend to vote for Republicans. The Jewish communities along with agnostic individuals tend to support the Democratic candidates. Protestant and Evangelicals often side with Republicans candidates. The Republican Party seems to be fueled by male support, while the Democratic Party seems to be supported by women constituents. These statistics are not absolute but based on most recent elections they are more probable than not.

The basic difference between the two parties is that Republicans tend to follow a conservative philosophy, while Democrats tend to follow a liberal philosophy. Democrats might say that the proper role for government is to regulate and oversee the economy. Democrats also might say that the proper for government to ensure that individuals manage their finances responsibly and companies operate ethically. A Republican might say that the proper role for government is to regulate and oversee individual morality. Democrats believe in a larger government where tax plans may be implemented which may help the under privileged. Republicans want less...
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