Democratization in Iraq

Topics: Democracy, Middle East, Saudi Arabia Pages: 4 (1220 words) Published: January 10, 2007
Democratization in Iraq: Is it Possible?
A successful democracy consists of more than just a statement of purpose. It requires a sustained commitment and clear objectives for the particular country's needs. Creating a democracy for any country is easier said than done. Iraq is currently undergoing this transition. I believe complete democratization of Iraq will never take place. It is a long process consisting of many requirements to begin developing it, challenges that will slow down the process , and long-term effects on those involved and not involved alike.

Before a democracy in Iraq can even begin to be developed, there are many preconditions that will make the process run more smoothly. First, Iraqi citizens must have access to information about how the political system works. This is necessary to get citizens involved and inform them about the changes taking places around them. Without this information, they will be unable to make meaningful choices about policies and political leaders. There should be a type pf educational system available to Iraq so everyone can get informed and have an educated say in how the country is run with democracy.

Second, the level of economic development has made a great influence on the outcome of democracy. It is very important for a country, such as Iraq, to develop economically. Technologies such as radios, televisions, and newspapers should be accessible to all parts of the country. Having better roads will make traveling to cities much more convenient. Creating jobs for the unemployed and education and literacy for the illiterate, can transform a traditional economy to a more modernized one. The ideal government in any country must be economically stable.

Third, Iraq's and other developing countries' governments must ensure that all its citizens have access to social justice. A society in which the majority of the population is unemployed and with young people who have no hope for the future cannot build a...
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