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Democratic Values

By choxie Nov 09, 2008 302 Words
Cathleen Greene
October 20, 2008
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The views and opinions expressed everyday through media outlet are a major example of the production of democratic values. Unquestionably, having open and free space to discuss what topics concern ourselves and others is what allows us to be heard and listened to. The rights to express our opinions has been shown throughout history and the media.

One example of how our democratic ideals are meaningful was the passing of the Bill of Rights. The first amendment in the Bill of Rights states that we have the right to “freedom of speech…”. This right did not come about with restrictions on what could or couldn’t be voiced. In fact, the expressions of our forefathers to our rights of free speech were proved through their democratic principles. Our forefathers democracy also influenced the right to free expression in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which under Article 19 recognizes freedom of speech as a human right. So this is more evidence supporting the importance of or democratic opinions.

Furthermore, the media helps us to advance our democratic beliefs by supplying us with informative news concerning our politics and economy. The news station CNN gives insightful reports to our citizens about the political arena. For example the daily voter polls, reports and debates covering the presidential race between candidates Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain which ensures our views are communicated which leads to the promotion of democratic beliefs regarding the presidential race.

In conclusion, the opinions expressed by ordinary citizens, political figures, and entertainers are worthwhile. They are made known throughout history and various media outlets and are expressed uncensored and democratically. With the freedom to express our values opinions and beliefs then in most ways our freedom of expression fosters democratic values.

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