Democratic Style vs Automcratic Style of Leadership

Topics: Leadership, Management, Decision theory Pages: 6 (2024 words) Published: April 4, 2013
The Democratic style of leadership
Democratic style of leadership relies on participation with the entire group. This leadership decision making power lies on majority and his staff. Further more, this style of leader ship lies on vote of staff and or employes working in same company. This style of leader ship is very open for ideas and suggestions are discussed openly. This leader ship offers suggestion and views of staff and employes which can improve can company in profit and build its future and it also encourage staff and motivate them .Democratic leader keep group active and informed about what is going on in the company and what will happen in other words every thing and groups can openly suggest the ideas and share them. The participants will like the trust they receive and respond with cooperation, team spirit, and high morale.Democratic leader ship provide participants to make there successful goals, encourages them to have better experience and and encourage the group to achieve the goal which company or firm has set.

Democratic leaderships is known best and must for students because it encourage them to heard , it encourage and give confidence to make ideas or plan . It also allows them to give share there plans or ideas which give them experience and build there future and confidence. This style of leader ship provide responsibility to the group and decision making power for there goals , this also allow students to learn a lot ,improve there knowledge improve there skills ,experience and the way they community with each other.

The Autocratic leadership style
The autocratic leadership style is known as completely demanding with essentially a one way street of communication. The leader is seen as a boss and is only focused on the accomplishment of goals through its group, manipulation and even threats. These leader does not allow to share decision making and the mentality utilized is you have to do this or else . However, the autocratic leadership style can be good and effective depending on the situation. In fact,all leader must have utilize this leader ship in there career. Autocratic style of leadership can be effective with use right time and place.In Emergency situations in the workplace that call for quick decision mostly require autocratic leadership. For example, Manufacturing company receives a big order from an important customer that needs a very special attention in order to get complete with a quick turn around, only the autocratic leadership would be the answer. An autocratic leadership style only allow to focus and direct short term goal oriented workplace. The employees are mostly to allow for this style of leadership in the situation because of the short period of time. Communication will be by leader aka from boss to employees during this time period. The autocratic style of leadership can become stressful to employees if it utilized for long periods of time.

The Advantage of Democratic style of leadership

Job Satisfaction
When groups are working around the leader they must have the there job satisfaction because they will be totally loyal to company,they only want positive outcome for there company,efficient and quality of work improve a lot and they become effective in a good way of there company.

Gain Experence
Leaders cant do every thing by there own and have all responsibility leader needs trusted people around to share his responsibility and reduce it so he can new and positive ideas for his company.If leader dont share there responsibility most of the time there task or goals can take a long time to complete or it dont complete and than they have ideas or task for the company.

Share Responsibility
Leaders cant do every thing by there own and have all repsonisblites leader needs trsuted people around to share his repsonsiblites and reduce it so he can new and postive ideas for his company.If leader...
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