Democracy Now

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Response: Democracy Now
Amy Goodman is an intelligent and well traveled woman with knowledge of a lot of issues around the world. She has a television broadcast show called Democracy Now. Goodman is the host and executive producer of Democracy Now, which is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program airing on over 1,100 public television and radio stations worldwide. Her program has spread to about 70 cities in the United States today. Democracy Now’s War and Peace Report provides their audience with access to people and outlooks that are rarely heard in the U.S. corporate-sponsored media. This can include independent and international journalists. Also, Democracy Now hosts real debates between people who considerably disagree, about different topics such as war, politics, local issues and much more.

Amy discusses the issues such as how we are silenced by the corporate medium. This means the average news-broadcasting does not inform it’s audiences about what the real issues are, they leave out issues, or they don’t tell us about anything at all. They don’t reveal a lot about war that the U.S. needs to know or see, they will a lot of the time ‘spare’ the public about deaths or bombs because they don’t want to upset them. I believe this is ridiculous. The government needs to keeps its issues open to anyone. We deserve the information that they are depriving us of. They are only telling us what they want to tell us, not what’s really going on.

I agree with what Goodman is doing with Democracy Now. The American public needs to hear the issues that are not normally discussed on something such as CNN. All the aspects of the issues should be covered and debated about. We need real people’s opinions on issues that affect us all. The only way we can ever know about the full story, on say the environment or war crimes, is going to independent journalist like Goodman who actually go out on the field to get the required information.
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