Democracy in India

Topics: Democracy, Government, Autocracy Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: December 15, 2010
Dance of Democracy

An era of change has begun.

In 1950, a democratic government in India was formed. Democracy - a form of government which is for the people, of the people and by the people. Democracy - a form of government where the ultimate power resides with the people. Democracy - a gift to our country.

Most people reading this would by now have added another exclamation. Democracy – What a joke.

In today’s day and time the idea of democracy is dead in the minds of the people. We have forgotten that the reason why the people in power are in power is because of us. We vote for them, and still cower in submission from them. Have we not realized that all the government employees, be it the top officer in the police or any politician, they are all “PUBLIC SERVANTS”? They are given these “lucrative” government posts to serve us. We the citizens, the active taxpayers, fund every government institution. It is with our hard earned money with which the roads are supposed to be built. So, if the money that is supposed to be used to build the roads is going elsewhere then, oh innocent taxpayer, you cannot shrug you shoulders when you read this in the morning paper saying “it’s not my problem”. It is your problem. It is more of your problem than of the poor contractor who commits the thievery, because it is you who is being swindled. Why is this mentality prevalent in our country?

I just finished the internationally acclaimed “The White Tiger” and was disturbed at the cynical and dark outlook the writer had of Indian democracy. But then it struck me that most Indians do feel this way and it’s not some solitary case. Most of us feel that democracy is useless; only a fancy word for something that does not apply to our daily lives. Most of us feel that democracy is dead. But what we don’t realize is that a democracy is always constituted of its people and that until the idea of democracy is not revived in our minds our country will continue to see the dark...
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