Democracy and Greeks

Topics: Democracy, Political philosophy, Western culture Pages: 4 (463 words) Published: December 3, 2012
How do Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian ideas influence the

Enlightenment and the foundation of modern governments? The Hebrews

Wrote the first laws moral ethic. Also wrote the 10 commandments that

Had a huge impact in the Enlightenment. Also, found the first religion

Which was monotheistic the belief in one god. The Hebrews are very

Important because they are the foundation of many of our illegal laws

Including the amendments and right to a trial came from them. In the

Modern Hebrews believed that the leaders are not above the law. The

Hebrews also had a holy book named the “Torah”, consisted of five books.

Enlightenment includes in political thought, widespread rational

Arguments in favor of free thought, human rights, equality and democratic

Values came from the Greeks. The use of democracy and government

Came from the Greeks. The symbols that we use today came from the

Greeks. Also the architecture used came from the Greeks. Out of Hebrews,

Romans, Christians, Greeks the Greeks have to be the most influential to

The enlightenment and political area. All three of them took things from

the Greeks and used them. Aristotle wrote politics. They have influenced

Political thinking to this present day, Ancient Greeks government was the

The first city-state that had here own personality, laws, goals, and

customs. The

Greeks also had two city-states Sparta and Athens, which no women had

The rights to be only at home. Wollstonecraft enlightenment

Philosopher goes by the rights of women.

Most of our modern world ideas, technology and government come

From the Romans....
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