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BreAncia Owens
Ms. Childs Tie Dye Demonstration Speech Outline
Intro to Speech

Purpose: to inform
Specific purpose: to inform my audience on how to tie dye their own clothing

How to be Bold and Vibrant! Creating Your own Tie Dye Fashion

I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: A form of fashion that strikes originality from the 50’s! It’s Fun! Loud, and Vibrant! It stands out the most, the ALMIGHTY and WILD, Tie Dye!

B. Purpose Statement: I am here to demonstrate to you all, how you can get out of your comfort zone, get a little FUNKY, and create your own Tie Dye clothing. Stand out and show your own cleverness and brilliance.

C. Credibility: There are many ancient Tie Dye methods, from India, Japan, and Africa, which are all more traditional, and may I add, hard work. I will show you all the traditional Americanized way, that my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Patterson, taught me and my classmates. Mrs. Patterson learned from her mother, and I will never forget it .

D. Thesis Statement: I will be covering three main steps today. First, I will go over all materials needed, secondly, i will explain the preparation and tie dying process steps. Third, the finished product.

Transition: Let’s get started, with my first step, preparing your Tie Dye materials, for you creative piece of clothing. Bring your gloves!

II. Body A. Materials 1. Tie Dye 2. Gloves 3. Water /Sink 4. Rubber bands 5. Trash bag 6. Stable counter 7. T-shirt / white clothing

Transition: Now that we know our materials we can start Tie Dying!

B. You must prep the dye before you get started! Please , at this time put on your gloves! Step 1. First put on your gloves, tie dye is extremely messy! Step 2. Second, the tie dye bottles you baught should already have the dry mix in the bottles. Add water. ( If you want darker, bolder,

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