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Topics: Hypodermic needle, Syringe, Injection Pages: 3 (622 words) Published: April 26, 2015
Marisol Cardenas-Rios
March 9, 2015
Jim Roufus
Intrathecal Injection Preparation

General Purpose: To demonstrate a sterile preparation process.

Specific Purpose: To demonstrate to my audience how to prepare an intrathecal injection.

Central Idea: The importance to utilize appropriate aseptic technique to ensure that the intrathecal injection being prepared is sterile.


I. My favorite sterile preparation is the intrathecal injections, also known as “pain pumps” that are used for pain management. This process originated after a few months of my own personal experience in sterile compounding. This process is an effective and fast way to prepare most injectable medications, since it only takes a few minutes. Today I will show you the four steps in preparing this sterile preparation.

Transition: First I’ll start by gathering all materials needed.

Body:There are several supplies that are essential to complete the process.

1. You need a prescription order, prescription label, and the formula worksheet. 2. Put on your PPE (personal protective equipment)
3. Weigh out your powders and pressure appropriate quantity of water for injection. 4. Gather all materials needed; syringes, needles, syringe cap, 0.22 micron filter, tamper-resistant seal, sterile lint-free towels, sterile alcohol, amber (light-resistant) dispensing bag.

Transition:Now that we have collected all the materials we can start the preparation process.

II. Second step is to transport all your materials into the clean room and place all the powders inside a syringe and prepare for mixing.

A. A sterile technician normally acquired a specific technique that works for them based on their experience.

1. Once in the hood, pull out the plunger from your syringe, cap it with a syringe cap and place the powders inside the barrel. 2. Place plunger inside the barrel, and set aside.
3. Take another syringe and draw up your sterile water, place a...
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