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This is a first in the series of publication on the Deming Prize Winners from India, being presented by the IBEF in
collaboration with the TQM division of the Confederation
of Indian Industry.
Between 2000-2003, nine Indian companies won the
coveted Deming Prize a byword in excellence and quality.
Only two companies outside Japan were conferred the
highest Deming Award: Japan Quality Medal. SundaramClayton, Brakes Division, was one of them. During the same period, seventeen companies successfully
challenged the Deming Application Prize; of these, six were
Indian companies. Only two companies were given the
Deming Quality Control Award for Operations Business
Unit; both Indian companies, viz, Birla Cellulosic and
Hi-Tech Carbon.
We therefore consider it worthy to bring the stories of
the journeys covered by the Indian companies in their
pursuit of the Deming Prize. These case studies effectively
capture the milestones benchmarked by Indian industry
in their evolution towards achieving excellence, inspiring
many more companies both in India and abroad, to emulate
them and collaborate with them as business partners.

The Criteria


Japan Quality Medal
Sudaram-Clayton Limited, Brakes Division


Deming Application Prize
Brakes India Limited, Foundry Division
Mahindra and Mahindra Limited, Farm Equipment Sector
Rane Brake Linings Limited
Sona Koyo Steering Systems Limited
Sundaram Brake Linings Limited
TVS Motor Company Limited


Deming Quality Control Awards
for Operations Business Units
Birla Cellulosic
Hi-Tech Carbon GMPD


Contact for Information


Deming Prize-The Criteria
A brief adapted
from the official website of JUSE

Broadly, the following considerations are taken into account for the Deming Application Prize:
The emphasis of examination is on the implementation of TQM
The actual implementation of TQM practices is appreciated
Usage of advanced statistical methods is not the basis
for success; appreciation and implementation of statistical
methodology are more important
Similar patterns of evaluation are adopted for both
manufacturing and non-manufacturing companies
Examination viewpoint criteria are not a check-list for
assessment. These provide an overall picture of TQM.
Examiners judge features that have been applied by
the company.
The Examination Viewpoint includes:
• Top Management Leadership, Vision, Strategies
• TQM Frameworks
• Quality Assurance Systems
• Management Systems for Business Elements
• Human Resource Development
• Effective Utilisation of Information
• TQM Concepts and Values
• Scientific Methods
• Organisational Powers (Core Technology, Speed, Vitality) • Contribution to Realisation of Corporate Objectives
Successful companies should score
• 70 points or higher in the Executive Session
• 70 points or higher as the company average,
excluding the Executive Session
• 50 points or higher for any examined unit of the company



About the company

TVS group
Sundaram-Clayton Limited is a member of the TVS group, one of the largest automotive components manufacturing groups in India, with total sales revenue of more than US$ 2.5 billion.The group has been able to achieve this pre-eminence through its commitment to the cherished values of promoting trust, value and customer service.

The company
Sundaram-Clayton Limited has two divisions, namely, Brakes division and Die casting division. What follows, pertains to the practice of TQM at the Brakes division.
SCL-Brakes division commenced its operations in 1962 at Chennai in southern India, in collaboration with Clayton Dewandre Holdings Limited, UK (now part of WABCO Automotive group). SCL-Brakes division is the pioneer in the manufacture of air and air-assisted braking actuation system products. A market leader since...
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