Deming, Crosby, Juran

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Chapter 1

* Introduction
* Defining Quality
* Characteristics of Quality
* Importance of Quality
* Dimensions of Quality
* Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA)
* Total Quality and Total Quality Control
* Just-in-Time
* What is TQM?
* Elements of TQM

Total Quality Management (TQM) is customer oriented management philosophy and strategy. It is centered on quality so as to result in customer delight. The word “total” implies that all members of the organization make consistent efforts to achieve the objective of customer delight through systematic efforts for improvement of the organization. The TQM philosophy was evolved in Japan after World War II. Edwards Deming, an American quality expert helped the Japanese to apply concepts of TQM. They concentrated on customer satisfaction and focused on understanding customer needs and expectation.

Definition of Quality
The definition of quality as per the ISO 9000 standard is: * The totality of the features and characteristics of a product or service, that bear on its ability to satisfy a given or implied need.

Characteristics of Quality
* Fitness for use
* Getting what you expected
* Perceived performance, appearance, reliability and lifespan; lies in the eyes of the beholder

* Conformance to requirements
* Meets product/service design and other specifications
* No processing complaints
* Done on time
* Low nonconformity, waste, rework or repair
* Doing it right the first time

* Well made, or services that are performed properly
* Excellence of a product or service
* Degree or grade of excellence
* Expressed by presence or absence or variables or attributes Value:
* Bargain or acceptable price
* Superiority of kind
* A known property of worth ascribed to a product or service

* A philosophy, strategy, state of mind or perception
* Is recognized and apparent but cannot be defined
* Satisfaction in ownership or status

The Importance of Quality

Improve Quality

Cost decreases due to fewer defects, lesser reworks, fewer delays and better use of men, machine and materials.

Improved productivity

Capture market with better quality and lower prices

Stay in business

Provide more jobs.

Japanese Chain Reaction

Dimensions of Quality

Features of Product Quality
1. Functionality – refers to the core features and characteristics of a product * A set of attributes that bear on the existence of a set of functions and their specified properties. The functions are those that satisfy stated or implied needs. 2. Reliability – is the indicator of durability of products * Is measured by mean time between failures

3. Usability – the should be easily used without the help of the expert or with minimum time taken for training 4. Maintainability – refers to the ease with which the product can be maintained in the original condition 5. Efficiency – the ration of output to input

6. Portability – set of attributes that bear on the ability of software to be transferred from one environment to another.

Features of Service Quality
1. Quality of Customer Service
a. How well the customer is received?
b. How well the implied requirements are elucidated?
c. How well the customer is treated/handled/satisfied?
2. Quality of Service Design
* Since services are usually made to order, it is important that the service is designed as per the requirements of the specific customer. Quality of service design in turn dpends on the quality of customer service. 3. Quality of Delivery

* Defects on delivery should be zero to satisfy the customers.

Additional attributes of quality
(Applicable to both products and services)

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