Deming 14 points in Strata

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Analysis of Deming’s 14 Points
Strata Manufacturing

Introduction to Quality Management
Course Code: QTY 302
Spring 2012

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Student: Ebtihal Hassan
Student: Doaa Ayoub
Student: Diana Rayan
Date: 21st May 2012

1.Company Profile2
2.Analysis of Deming’s 14 points in Strata2
2.1Consistency of Purpose2
2.2Everybody wins2
2.3Design Quality In2
2.4Don’t buy on price tag alone2
2.5Continuous Improvement2
2.6Training for skills2
2.7Institute Leadership2
2.8Drive out fear.2
2.9Break down Barriers2
2.10Eliminate slogans2
2.12Joy in Work2
2.13Continuing Education2
2.14Accomplish the transformation2
3.Strata Quality Policy and Statement2

1. Company Profile
The aerospace sector is a key part of the Abu Dhabi 2030 Plan that aims to achieve economic diversification by creating a high-tech, knowledge driven economy with numerous jobs for the current and future workforce of the United Arab Emirates. Launched in 2009 by Mubadala Aerospace, Strata has been designed to meet the 21st Century demands of the aerospace industry. We endeavour to become a tier-one supplier; designing, developing and manufacturing aircraft major units – such as wings and empennages – for the next generation of commercial aircraft. Strata has already formed partnerships with key aircraft manufacturers, including EADS/Airbus, FACC and Alenia Aeronautica. We are located in the heart of the aerospace hub in Al Ain– ideally situated to serve the Middle East, Asia Pacific and African markets – offering the unique opportunity for aerospace companies to expand their international trade and establish operations in one of the world’s fastest growing economic regions. Strata will provide career opportunities ranging from technical roles to engineering and managerial roles, rising to more than 1000 employees by 2015. With a high percentage of home-grown talent, we endeavour to transform into a world competing aerospace business – aiming to become a global leader in the industry within a decade. The Aerospace hub in Al Ain consists of 25 of land adjacent to the Al Ain International Airport.  The Aerospace development has been envisaged to be the catalyst of the overall development of the Airport Area, while leveraging synergies, reducing costs and enhancing services. The Aerospace hub will consist of various industrial projects, a business park, office facilities, educational research and development activities complimented with world-class community services and amenities. Strata – the Aerostructures manufacturing plant was the key anchor tenant build in 2010. The hub is part of Al Ain’s strategic 2030 plan which envisions the diversification of Abu Dhabi’s economy by creating and developing industrial sectors that will ensure the emirates’s future prosperity.

2. Analysis of Deming’s 14 points in Strata
2.1 Consistency of Purpose

Do you have a clear goal for the organization communicated to all employees? Strata as all other businesses; concern about the future as well as the day to day business. To avoid facing future problem a company should have a consistency of purpose through having a clear Vision and Mission statements that are clearly communicated to all employees. Strata have a yearly gathering to communicate next year objectives that are driven from its Vision and Mission Statements

To be recognised by the OEMs as the partner of choice for advanced aerostructures empowered by a high performance workforce. 

1. To be a sustainable profitable business by driving technology, innovation and knowledge transfer. 2. To be an employer of choice in the UAE
3. To promote Emiratization as an integral part of the business strategy 4. To drive technology-transfers between the UAE and other technologically advanced countries 5. Empower people...

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