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One member in my family was greatly affected by Alzheimer’s disease along with dementia later on. My great grandmother, Alberta Klaska ended up forming Alzheimer’s then formed Irreversible Dementia. I was able to interview her granddaughter, my mother, Debbie Weidman. Because of my mother’s nursing background my family would constantly look to my mother for guidance on how to handle Alberta. My family members have constantly contacted my mother to ask questions determining how they could help with her condition. Throughout Alberta’s life with dementia and while it progressed, she was in constant need of more and more help. Physically Alberta gradually progressed from being unable to button a shirt, along with forgetting to put on clean clothes, to eventually being unable to dress herself. Mentally her dementia progressed slowly. In hindsight it was probably progressing for several years but really became evident in the last 5 years of her life. Some of the first signs showed simple forgetfulness like misplacing items around the house, forgetting to pay a bill, missing an appointment. She once placed the phone book in the refrigerator thinking nothing of it. Eventually it progressed to forgetting names, places, and asking repetitive questions not realizing she had already asked the question and was given an answer. Emotionally, Alberta was very frustrated with herself because of her inability to remember things. Deb stated, “At this point she was able to realize something was wrong and she tried in several ways to hide it.” When confronted regarding her increased forgetfulness she would become very agitated and upset, and then deny that she was not able to remember something or someone. If you were not around her very much she could easily fool you into thinking that she truly knew what she was talking about. Alberta would also call to our home a lot and also to family, but she eventually began to isolate...

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