Demand for Britannia Biscuits in India

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Overview : * The total production of biscuits in India is estimated to be around 30 lakh MT, the organized sector accounts for 65% and the unorganized sector accounts for 35% of the total industry volume. * The organized sector is valued at above Rs 8000 crores. * The biscuit industry is estimated to grow over 15-17% in the next few years. * The per capita consumption of biscuits in India is 2.0 kg. * India is ranked 3rd after US and China amongst the global biscuits producers. * The export of biscuits is approximately 17% of the annual production, the export of sweet biscuits for year 2007-08 was Rs 145.93 Cr and for year 2008-09(April-Dec) was Rs 280 Cr, the major exporting regions were Haiti, Angola, USA, Ghana, UAE. * The imports are not significant amount as compared to the total consumption. * The penetration of biscuits in urban and rural market is 85% and 55% respectively. * The Biscuit industry employs almost 3.5 lakh people directly and 30 lakh people indirectly. The organized biscuit manufacturing industries annual production Year| 2003-04| 2004-05| 2005-06| 2006-07| 2007-08| 2008-09| Annual Production(Lakh MT)| 11.00| 12.54| 14.29| 16.14| 17.14| 19.5| Main Categories of Biscuits : Glucose, Marie, Sweet, Salty, Cream & Milk. Glucose biscuits accounts for more than 50% of the total biscuit market value, Parle G dominate this market with more than 60% share followed by Britannia and ITC.Brands :- Major brands The Indian biscuit industry is dominated by major brands like Parle, Britannia, and Sunfeast. Also the category has strong regional brands such as Priya Gold-North, Cremica-North & West, Dukes-South and Anmol-East & North.Other popular brands Horlicks, Biskfarm-East, Rose-Andhra Pradesh & South, Sobisco-East and North East also launched in Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh., Nezone-...
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