Delta Airlines

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Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is owned and operated in the United States. Delta would do great based and operating in England. With their huge upgrades in 2010-2013 they would be the biggest and most advanced airline based in England. In those 3 years Delta planned to spend nearly 2 billion dollars on more First Class cabins, adding video to all widebody aircraft, and completed their integration of Northwester Airlines’ to make them a bigger company. Delta has also added Wi-Fi to all their domestic mainline fleet aircraft; this would be bounds ahead of any other aircraft in England ("," 2011). England would suit Delta great because there are only like 4 major airports so they could easily manage their fleet without being spread all over. England will suit Delta airlines because there isn’t a dominate airline company that is based there. If Delta went over there and put all their resources into building the best airlines in England; they would dominate the airway there, who knows maybe they could buy a couple of the fleets over there and grow even bigger. But going back to why Delta is on the least admired list, if Delta doesn’t manage their people right and get people where they need to be they will stay on the list and not be any better than the other airlines in the UK. The barriers that exist would be new airline regulations from the UK, new pilot regulations, laws in the UK, taxes, and many other things are different than the US. Just to carry passengers, mail or cargo, air operators must have an Operating License granted by the Member State based in the European Economic Area("Civil aviation authority,"2012 ). Also if the aircraft has 20 or more seats there is a financial criterion that needs to be met as well as insurance arrangements and its nationality of control. Airworthiness is another huge barrier that would come with being based in England, all though the US has some of the same laws and regulations every country has its own set of...
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