Deloitte structure
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Deloitte Structure
Answers : Analysis of organizational structure of Deloitte US-India Pvt. Ltd
a) Overcoming design challenges:
1. Differentiation:
Differentiation provides the opportunity to specialize in a complex organization. It establishes task and authority relationship that allows the organization to achieve its goal. It is a process of allocating roles and responsibilities on the basis of skill sets and available resources.

2. Balancing differentiation and integration:
Senior Manager is a part of more than one project. Hierarchy of authority is established which helps to clearly define roles and responsibilities of each level.
In order to tackle sub unit orientation, effective co ordination, co operation and communication among separate sub units. A right balance can be achieved through effective technological tools.

3. Balancing centralization and decentralization:
Operational decisions are delegated but strategic decisions are centralized. Director / Partner decides the project bidding process and other strategic decisions. Senior Manager heads a project.
All decisions pertaining to a project rests with the senior manager. A senior manager further delegates responsibilities to manager and senior consultant. Manager decides the number of people required for a particular team with respect to the skills required and availability of resources. The manager is also responsible for deciding timelines and milestones of a project. Senior Consultant takes care of day to day issues of the project and also assigns work to the team members. Decisions concerning cross functional aspects and switching of roles within the team also comes under the purview of senior consultant.

4. Balancing standardization and mutual adjustment:
A right balance has to be achieved between standardized procedures and informal way of working in an organization. An individual’s roles and responsibilities are clearly defined through hierarchical structure. There are

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