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Zhifeng Liu
Colloquium 7 – Summary of Deloitte
Deloitte is one the Big 4 public accounting firms. It has over 190,000 employees worldwide, and there are 100 offices in the United States.
In the colloquium, we met Jorge Caballero who is one of the Deloitte Tax LLP partner. Jorge was born in Cuba and immigrated to Connecticut, U.S. when he was 10. His father passed away one month after they arrive in U.S. Jorge started working when he was 12 to do gardening and other chores for only $1.50 per day. Then their family move to New Jersey, and he went to Rutgers University to get his accounting degree. He went to school in the morning and worked in a department store for the afternoon. Jorge likes collecting watches by their looks, and he has more than 90 watches in his collections. As he said, “University of Houston is one of three top recruiting campuses”. He values leadership, sponsorship, and role models in Deloitte. “Never, never, never give up” is his mantras. “Always do the right things”. He is grateful. Passion is what Jorge has learned from his whole career. He has his goals; he follows his goals and always does what he needs to do in order to achieve his goals. Relationship, accounting is the relationship business, always build networks and build more relationships with others. People in front of you, behind you, on the left and right side. “Do things that I need to do”. Jorge shared his thought on leadership. A vision is important, but more important is that you have to be able to articulate that vision with your followers and take them on your shared journey. If people don’t understand your visions or the purpose of the goal, that is fine. If your ideas are really useful and provide benefits to the business and everyone, they will join your path right away. Within a team, he has mentioned that everyone should “not only do good work, but also work hard at developing strong relationships and truly becoming a part of the team”....
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