Dell's Expansion Plans in Latin America

Topics: Dell, Alienware, Michael Dell Pages: 4 (1314 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Case study

This case study is about the Dell computer corporation which searches for new location a manufacturing factory that can help to expand its market in Latin America. This article is related to how to find a useful factory when consider many elements of culture and environment, economy and politics. Overall from the paper, Manager Maxwell considered the three decision of this affair when the political environment in 1999. In the case, I will analyze his decision and its background from four parts that are dell market, competition among states, choice of location and change in government which affects the decision of a company and its managers

According to this paper, Brazilian computer market is huge. The company also considers the Latin market which is including Brazilian market is much bigger. Considered its market and maintain the rapid growth is useful for want to build plants in this country to support Latin America market of computer. Also this preparation help company focus the market which is important for Dell. Therefore to do a background search and economic predict is useful for most of company. For every company this is important and not be neglected. Therefore in this economy prediction and preparation is crucial for a corporation.

In addition, state conditions of this country are different. Manager need to consider each state which is useful for build factory and its different benefits. So thinking of these condition managers need to talk about its location, government environment and economy. These are complicated and important for decision. Another, this paper uses some examples to analyze which is help for reader to understand. These examples need to think careful. Each useful thing need be think by the manager which help it constantly growth. Overall the entire element, manager is a complicated job position need to consider each useful thing and take careful about your job market. Finally, manager Maxwell and his team...
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