Dell Working Capital

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Dell Computer Corporation continues to have successful growth due to its innovative “built to order” business model and customer service focus which includes direct selling. Dell’s ability to maintain low levels of finished goods inventory minimized the cash conversion cycle to a high extent, thus minimizing the need for costly working capital. In past years, Dell has mainly financed its operations internally and secondly through the issuance of shareholder equity and small amounts of long term debt. Statement of Problem

Being more flexible and responsive to market demands, Dell will bring new, superior products to market quicker than its competitors. This has created an expectation for large, double-digit growth in the upcoming year. Dell needs a plan for financing the large potential growth. Recommendations

Dell has working capital advantages over its competitors which it should continue to pursue. Dell funded its FY 1996 growth both from internal and external funds. It was wise to seek external funding to support Dell’s healthy growth. If Dell were to grow by 50% in FY 1997, it is recommended to seek external funding for the amount not funded internally. Dell should issue debt and continue to take advantage of its strong internal cash conversion cycle to fund its continued growth. Dell should not reduce its external funding as it will limit its growth. Methods of analysis & Discussion

(Q1) Dell’s advantageous working capital policy enabled the corporation to face its current growth. The Just-In-Time inventory system and Sales built to order allowed, reduced the cash conversion cycle and minimized the amount of capital Dell needed to finance its business. Compared to competitors, Dell working capital policy gave Dell the following advantages: •Lowest cost of inventory held - Dell saves 16.5 mUSD compared to Apple, 30.8 mUSD compared to Compaq and 12 mUSD compared to IBM . •No outdated goods on the market-product assembly after...
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