Dell Marketing Strategies

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Product and Market Description3
About Dell4
Marketing Objectives of DELL5
Products and Services6
DELL’s Competitors and Market Players7
Aggregate Market Forces8
Microenvironment Analysis10
Macro environment Analysis13
Marketing Program, Strategy, and Tactics (4 Ps):15
Dell Market Strategy16
Value Chain Analysis18
Differential Advantage for each company20
Expected Future Strategies22
Consumer Behavior26
Assumptions in Planning Process30
Value Proposition31
Competitor’s Targeting32

Product and Market Description

Laptop also known as notebook is a small portable computer compared to a desktop. Although the concept of a laptop was introduced as early as 1971, the first commercial portable computer, Osborne 1, was available only in 1981. Before Windows 95 came out, laptop was used by research institutions and untouchable to general public. As technology innovation has been repeatedly occurred, laptop became portable, inexpensive, and user-friendly. Desktop computers serve all the purposes a laptop does but with their bulk and masses of cables they’re not very portable. That’s where laptops gain prominence. Today Laptop PC industry is dynamic and has high demand from personal users in home and business users in their office. Its portability provides advantage for the users in terms of business communication tools anywhere, anytime. Marketing strategy including price war and brand-value creation is more common in laptop PC industry among major players in 21st century. In India laptops still form a very miniscule portion of the Indian PC market. Call it a fad, or the emergence of a new breed of technology conscious IT users (or both), a shift in working styles and the need for "anytime-anywhere" access to information-all these factors are pushing laptop sales to dizzying heights in India. Another factor which has been driving sales of laptops is the recent need for mobile computing and mobile connectivity. The government's focus on improving the IT infrastructure has brought in technologies like wider wireless network (WAN, Wi-Fi), which allows linking up of mobile devices to the internet at any place. This has propelled sales like never before. Also, with their fast paced lives, many professionals and businessmen need access to computers while they are on-the-move. In the future, we expect that with the advent of technologies that make mobile internet connectivity more efficient and cost effective, laptops and notebooks will be more popular. Increasing incomes and a further reduction in prices will also make laptops more affordable. The inclusion of vernacular content and local language support will make laptops useful in the rural areas as well.

About Dell

Corporate Objectives

Dell’s corporate-level strategy is one of growth. Dell’s corporate website defines its global strategy as “Our global strategy is to be the premier provider of products and services, including those that customers require to build their information- technology and Internet infrastructures.”

Below are the core elements of the Soul of Dell:

Dell believes in creating loyal customers by providing a superior experience at a great value. People at Dell are committed to direct relationships, providing the best products and services based on standards-based technology, and outperforming the competition with value and a superior customer experience.

2.The Dell Team
The firm believes that their continued success lies in teamwork and the opportunity each team member has to learn, develop and grow. They are committed to being a meritocracy, and to developing, retaining and attracting the best people, reflective of their worldwide marketplace.

3.Direct Relationships
They believe in being direct in all they do. They are committed to behaving ethically; responding to customer needs in a timely and reasonable manner;...
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