Dell Company Analysis for E-Marketing

Topics: Marketing, Customer service, Customer Pages: 35 (12724 words) Published: December 1, 2012
By Siti Rabiatul Adawiah Bte Maarof CEB100073 Wong Chee Kang CEB100092 Muhammad Afiq Bin Abdul Ghani CEB090035

A group project submitted to Ms. Izzal Asnira bte Zolkepli Lecturer of E-Marketing CBEB 2316 Faculty of Business and Accountancy, University of Malaya

May 2012

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report analyzes Dell Inc.’s online strategies by using the concepts and terminology of E-Marketing. It identifies the online strategies of Dell Inc. by study into related articles and also press release by the company. The online strategies of the company were being studied from the overview of its internet properties and marketing implications which examined the company’s official website from its online content, properties and also the design of the website and its usability. Website design and usability are very important especially when a user first log into the website, a good website design with highly usability features will definitely help to retain the user on the website for the next minute and Dell did it so well on this. The discussion on the marketing mix strategy which explained how Dell Inc creates benefit and value to its customer also included in this report. Internet creates opportunities for company like Dell, so this report examined how the company uses the Internet marketing mix in value creation and retains the customers using customer relationship management features. Brand of a company is a promise of the company to its customer. So, branding strategy have been analyzed either online or offline. Consumer characteristic which influences the company in many ways for instance like market segmentation and also brand position is very important to a company. As this report discussed more on company’s strategies that relate to E-Marketing, website of Dell Inc was being analyzed from few areas which were website currency, content and user engagement opportunities, usability, navigation, access and other company owned sites. Apart from the website analysis, business model which discussed the e-business model used and also its revenue stream sources is part of this report. Lastly, the EMarketing Metrics which examined and used to evaluate the company performance were being introduced to evaluate the company’s E-Marketing strategies. After the analysis and discussion were being carried out comprehensively, a conclusion and outlook was made for Dell Inc which consists of the evaluation of the company’s online properties and also recommendations for improving the business model and opportunities.


INTRODUCTION Dell has experienced rapid growth over the past two decades. Throughout this period, Dell has continued to increase its standard of excellence by adding more features in their marketing strategies such as applying emarketing system in their marketing strategy instead of using traditional marketing. Nowadays many companies compete with each other by applying e-marketing in their business because the uses of internet are increasing time to time. So Dell also takes an action to do the same strategy in order to increase their excellence in their business. The purpose of this document is to evaluate the uses of e-marketing system in Dell and how the effectiveness and efficiency they applying this system. Based on this analysis, a recommended strategy will be outlined to Dell which will guide them back to its roots. The key competencies of Dell are more to customer focus, manufacturing process, supply chain management, creates value to the customer, customer service and human capital management. Their strategy has been matching its core competencies with the key factor of industry success. The PC industry has become strongly competitive in worldwide that lead to the reduction of differentiation among competitors and increase price sensitivity among customers. Even though Dell has been considerable growth, the company begins to lose its competitive edge in critical business...
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