DELL's Vision

Topics: Strategic management, Customer, End-user computing Pages: 3 (713 words) Published: September 21, 2013

1. What have they done in the past that made the difference to their competitive relationship? DELL has acquired new capabilities, new companies(Perot systems, Change Base, Wyse, ECS) to extend the capability DELL already has and to increase the global reach. These acquisitions have provided beneficial results for them. It is able to create profitability with three essential ingredients: 1. Virtual Integration

2. Real value customer service features
3. Tailoring Manufacturing to customer needs.
Tailoring manufacturing to a customer's specific needs allowed Dell to integrate production schedules with sales flows, assemble all parts of the PC on site, and install the specific software that the customer requested. Bringing in several seasoned managers to focus on specific aspects of the business Dell could become a synchronized, efficient, and profitable business again. These improvements lead to Michael Dells breakthrough concept of “virtual integration,” which goes a step further than traditional integration by connecting the right parts together in the business. Strategically targeting only the customers they wanted. By defining their customer as a ‘knowledgeable PC user’ Dell made their task of providing a PC easier. Their customers did not need to go to a retail store to gain knowledge about their product. This enabled the ‘Direct Model’ for purchasing PC’s to work. 2. The firm which employ you does it have a clear idea what it will be doing in the next 5-10 years? Yes, DELL has clear vision of next 5-10 years. Its strategic goals supplement their vision. following are its goal. Dell’s strategy is to develop its capability as an efficient technology solutions provider, grow faster than the industry in strategic areas and shift the company’s mix to higher-value products and solutions. Extend end-to-end information technology solutions capabilities. Accelerate delivery of a simplified and enhanced customer experience. They partner...
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