Dell's Business Ethics

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Dell Inc’s Business Ethics
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Business Ethics is a very important part of having and running a successful business. Your business ethics consist of the behavior that a business adheres to in daily dealings within the world. There are a few key components that are covered under the business ethical umbrella within the Dell Computer Corporation they are as follows: Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance, Environmental Responsibility and Corporate Accountability. These key components are what make Dell Inc. a successful company within the computer industry. Dell Inc’s Business Ethics.

Dell Inc. is one of the largest computer manufactures in the world and they have grown tremendously over the years. Their evolving business strategy combines their revolutionary direct customer model with new distribution channels to reach commercial customers and individual consumers around the world. Dell’s Direct Model business approach is largely responsible for the success of the company, it provides a fast cost-efficient and customer friendly means of production and distribution (Dell, 2009). Since this market is ever changing, competitors are challenging Dell with new and unique products in effort to overcome the superiority of the Direct Model. The growth and development of the laptop computers is a primary area in which Dell Inc. can work for continued success, despite the threat posed by its competitors. Dell initiates the latest and appropriate technology much more promptly and efficiently than any other computer company (Dell, 2010). Also, Dell’s refined strategy to building an adequate infrastructure establishes market creditability against its better-known rivals. Their approach to the computer industry had two advantages: First they wanted to bypass distributors and retail dealers which will eliminate markups of resellers, and second building to order greatly reduced to the cost and risks associated with carrying large stocks of parts, components and finished goods (Dell, 2009).

Business Ethics

Business ethics is a personal moral manner where people try to decipher right and wrong within their daily and organizational lives. With the terms “business” and “ethics” put together can create a more powerful influential understanding of cultural beliefs of what is important to you on the judgments that are made of good or bad behavior. Dell Inc’s business ethics consist of its Global Ethics and Compliance Team (Dell, 2010). This team initiates education and awareness to all of Dell’s employees on highlighted issues such as privacy and data protection, workplace conduct, and gifts and entertainment. This team also delivers consistent training to prepare all the employees for effectively, legally and safely performing their jobs on a daily bases. Dell has two mandatory training courses for all employees: Winning with Integrity which is the Code of Conduct overview of the company and Information Security Polices and Standards. Employees are also encouraged to complete three additional global ethics courses: Dell Corporate Governance, Records Management, and the newly developed Privacy and Data Protection Awareness. Dell’s code of conduct adheres to the values and beliefs of the Soul of Dell. The Soul of Dell is accompanied by five core elements Customers, The Dell Team, Direct Relationship, Global Citizenship and Winning. These core elements/values define what kind of company they are and have become. Ethically Dell is indeed committed to understanding and respecting the laws, values and cultures wherever they do business. Profitability growing in all markets while promoting a healthy business climate globally contributes positively in every community that they call home both personally and organizationally.

Ethical Umbrella

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility also known as CSR is the actions of an...

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