Delighting Customers

Topics: Consumer, Marketing, Good Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Why is it important for the marketers to ‘delight’ their customers? Introduction
The world we live in today has become highly competitive in terms of delivering value to the customers and is primarily due to the increasing competition in every business sector. Just because we as consumers have a wide variety to choose from, the companies have to strive more and more to expand and retain their customer base thus delighting their customer is highly imperative for any organization. What is Customer Delight?

In our everyday lives, when good things happen to us it makes us happy and when faced with bad ones make us sad. But what defines this “good” and the “bad”? These terms are relative in nature and can vary from person to person thus are dependent on the individuals expectations of things or a situation. Similarly consumers have certain expectations while purchasing any product or service. If the value delivered by the product falls below the expectation levels, then the customer will be dissatisfied. Similarly if the product meets the expectations, the customer is said to be satisfied. However if the value delivered buy the usage of the product exceeds well beyond his/her expectation levels then the customer is said to be delighted. Delighting the customers is simply delivering beyond what the core product / service has to offer. Let us take an example of Emirates Airlines which has had the privilege of enjoying the status of the World’s Best Airlines. They not only offer on-time flights, comfortable seats, quality meals (core elements) but also wide variety of on flight entertainment and the one that caught my attention was their on-flight crew, which from various ethnic groups, are able to communicate with you in English as well as their respective local languages. This makes the customers, who have a difficulty with English language, feel more comfortable while travelling. Such services help them cater to their diversified consumer base in a more...
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