Delegation in the Workplace

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Delegation in the Workplace

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Every company has assignments that are delegated on every level within a business. Delegating is defined as giving authority and responsibility to a subordinate or an employee on a lower level. At The Plumbing Warehouse, delegating is a very important part of getting the price changes done on time. However, when leading and controlling are involved, the delegation process could use a few minor improvements. Every company must have effective delegation skills in order to be prosperous. The manager in the pricing department of The Plumbing Warehouse keeps the department alive through the delegation process. Initially, the orders come from the different companies and from there, the manager delegates to her subordinates. With each company’s price changes being different, every task will not be the same. Some changes are very easy to make and some changes are the most difficult to figure out.

The manager’s delegation technique plays a big role in how smooth price changes occur. The instructions on what needs to change should be very precise. For example, just because the manufacturer’s list cost may change does not mean that the trade cost will change along with it. The difference must be delegated from the manager to the subordinate in order to be processed correctly. Precise instructions have to be given in order for the companies to make a profit. There is no room for error when making changes to the company’s prices. However, at The Plumbing Warehouse, delegating within the leading and controlling principles could use some improvements.

Leading can be defined as inspiring and encouraging team members to achieve high performance levels. When discussing delegating and leading in regards to The Plumbing Warehouse, the two really are rarely used together as a benefit. Assignments

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that are...

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