Delegation in Management

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Delegation In Management
Nikki Washington
Mgt330: Manangement, Theory, Practice, and Application
David H. Cavazos
February 24,2005

Delegation is the distribution of work and authority to subordinates to help management better handle workloads and other responsibilities. Managers need to be able to properly delegate work and authority as they have several task that they need to do in order to have a good organization. Planning goals, organizing staff, leading and motivating staff and being able to monitor staff progress are very important task a manager must do always. Properly delegating work and authority will allow mangers to keep up with other task.

My organization is trying to better its delegation process, for years it was in most cases if you want it done right do it yourself or just let the person who knew the person that did it last time do it. We have come along way from that, but still we lack proper delegation in some areas. Typically work that holds little value or that is tedious is delegated to subordinates, when this happens training becomes a real issue. The branch that I work for has assigned duties to each person and unless something goes wrong that person is responsible for that task each day. The problem that has come up several times is that nobody else is aware of what the other person does, so if that particular person is out ill or on vacation it becomes an issue of how do we do that? Being able to delegate should definitely be monitored in order to prevent those types of errors.

We recently went through reorganization so that work is better handled and managers are better able to handle their workload. It has helped somewhat, but only for those managers who were doing it to begin with. My branch has had very little success in the delegation department. My Branch Manager typically gives assignments to the Assistant Manager and most of the time she gives the Member Service Managers the stuff that she does not want. On the...
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