Delegation and Functions of Management

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Delegation and Functions of Management

Delegation and Functions of Management

Once upon a time, there was a busy, happy office in a parts manufacturing plant that was thriving. The high costs of fuel and maintenance have slowed the industry and the Austin facility will be closing in order to ensure the survival of the California facility, yes, things have changed. In it's day the office was fully staffed. There were managers and staff in every department. The flow of the work was smooth and the management was both effective and efficient. They were great at delegating, outstanding examples as leaders, and superior controllers.

The managers in my department delegated tasks appropriately according to the skill levels of the staff. According to the text, Management: The New Competitive Landscape by Thomas S. Bateman and Scott Snell, " Delegation is perhaps the most fundamental feature of management, because it entail getting work done through others." They were tops at planning and organizing. Each person knew and performed their jobs well and was "Johnny-on-the-spot" with any information that was needed. As the needs of the company struggled for survival and evolved, new tasks needed to be done, managers would lay out the procedures to achieve the required results, ascertain who was best qualified to get the job done, make sure that employee received any additional training needed and re-distribute work loads or hire on additional staff as necessary. These changes gave the company more employees trained on proprietary duties, made the employees feel more valuable to the company, gave the employees job security and insured the flow of the work went on uninterrupted. The employees were stimulated which brought their best work performance.

They were more than managers. They were also leaders. According to the text, Management: The New Competitive Landscape by Thomas S. Bateman and Scott...
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