Deja Vu

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Déjà Vu
I’ve just woken up from a strange dream. I mean most of the ones that I’m able to remember are strange in general, but this one was odd even for a dream. It was more like entering an alternate state of mind that simultaneously brushes against your unconscious. I look around and the first thing I notice is the tv in front of me which is tuned to some late night infomercial about maintaining a healthy colon. The next thing I notice is the cherry slurpy sitting between me and the tv on my glass coffee table. The beverage is drunken two thirds of the way while the rest has already turned into liquid dye and there’s a small puddle of water underneath it giving me an idea of how long I’ve been out. I finally recognize the area as the living room of my apartment. I now remember watching some b-horror movie right before knocking out on my couch. I also remember buying the drink just down the street, from the Freeway Liquor store.

I suddenly feel my stomach rumble without warning and in that moment I’m thrust into this intense feeling of déjà vu. I know it’s not from the avalanche, but from my dream. I try to remember what it was, but now I’m left with a blank slate. Something in my head tells me that I’ve been in this very situation before, but when I try to remember I get hungrier without fully understanding why. Before I know it I’m in front of my fridge combing through small parts of meals rather than actual meals themselves. All I have is a half stick of margarine, an empty dozen carton of eggs, and one last piece of beef jerky in the pantry. I check the freezer and that is when I’m caught off guard.

I find the three pieces of meat that Dan gave me yesterday sitting nice and stacked on top of one another next to the half bottle of Vodka that I haven’t touched in weeks. That feeling of déjà vu hits me again and I recall something in my dream that’s still fresh in my mind. I remember hearing something being spoken to me by a cold...
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