Deivent Behaviorin Amsterdam Vs America

Topics: Prostitution, Human trafficking, Law Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: December 19, 2013
Deviance in Amsterdam
Amsterdam is popular mostly two things, legal prostitution and legal marijuana use. With all the money USA uses on the war against drugs and all the disease that can and do be caught from and given to a prostitute Amsterdam way of legalizing them and monitoring them seems like a much safer alternative than America. Not only does Amsterdam have less hard drug use but also less marijuana users than America. Most of the recipients of Amsterdam’s famed coffee shops are tourist. Many tourists eagerly visit the Red-light district also. In fact most of the money made in this small harbor town is from tourist. Most people of Amsterdam look at these services as a business revenue and don’t partake in them. Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands since 1830. Until 1980 it was against the law to take money for prostitution. This was the law against people exploiting working girls. It wasn’t until 1988 that prostitution has been recognized as a legal profession. The new law introduced in October 2000 clearly makes prostitution legal, subjecting it to the municipal regulations about the location, organization and the practice of business. The authorities try to regulate prostitution, aiming at protecting minors, eliminating forced prostitution and combating the new phenomena of human trafficking. Any sex business must obtain from a municipality a license, certifying that it has fulfilled the legal requirements to operate thus making pimps a rarity in Amsterdam. Also to lower the chances of getting sexual transmitted dieses it is illegal not to use a condom. The city health services even helps by informing the prostitutes about a free or low -cost clinic for sexually transmitted diseases, provide free or low cost medical transportation. The people of Amsterdam believe that banning existing social phenomena makes them more difficult to control, and therefore more difficult to eliminate the worst forms of criminal behavior such as trafficking,...
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