Deirdre and Thandie on the Concept of Self

Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: April 12, 2012
“Self” expresses an individual person as the object as his or her own reflective consciousness. It expresses one’s own interest of struggle and gain, as well as having their own consciousness of one’s being or identity. In the story “Yes Ma’am” by Deirdre McCloskey, and the Ted Talk “embracing otherness, embracing myself” by Thandie Newton both share a conception of one’s self through being mindful of the impact of society and the role that is expected to be played, but is confident and accustomed in what makes them content with themselves mentally. They differ for the reason that Deirdre explains the gesture differences amongst men and women despite the fact that she uses the women gestures to display her feminine qualities. Thandie speaks about going through hardships while she was growing up as well as obtaining her dancing and acting career. The attempt of trying to be accepted, but was repeatedly rejected by society and not being able to fit. However, she explains that “self” shapes out interactions with others and the world around us. Also how the connections of self and being judged shape the way people feel about themselves. Thandie expresses the fact of not being born with self but developing one as we are taught about ourselves the details, opinions and ideas from parents, family and friends that influence a person’s character. On the other hand those details opinions and ideas become fact to navigate the construction of ourselves (identity). She states that our self-projection is based on others projections and complicates who one is and who one wants to be. Newton Implies that the things individuals do and are successful at is mocked by others because it is perceived to be the “right way” to do things: also entitled an organized or controlled society. Thandie Newton articulates that “self is not a living thing…things that are affected by society like jobs, money, cars we drive and jewelry devalue life.” Newton evaluates her quote by stating self...
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