Deinstitutionalization: Medicine and Smaller Community Settings

Topics: Medicine, Patient, Psychiatric hospital Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: October 6, 2010
What is Deinstitutionalization?
Deinstitutionalization is when a person who has a mental illness can be treated at home or in a familiar community setting versus being institutionalized in a hospital. There are many places such as group homes and smaller community settings that the clients that the patients are placed in. This is happening because many states are shutting down state hospitals to save money.

How did deinstitutionalization affect the local community in your article? Deinstitutionalization affected the local community in the article I read because many of the patients that had a mental illness were moved. Many patients may have been in the hospital for years and now being moved into a community setting outpatient care such as nursing home, group homes etc caused them to have some drastic changes. In the end this seemed to be the best thing for the patients and the community it was saving the government money by doing this and the patients were also able to learn new things in life How is the local community dealing with related problems, such as homelessness, crime, and the spread of communicable diseases? The local community is dealing with related problems by moving certain patients into the homes that best suit their needs. This is to prevent them from crimes homelessness and disease. Each patient is evaluated individually by many Doctors and then they are placed according to their needs. Some may be able to live at home and just have home health care others have to be in a nursing home and others may be in group homes. There are even some that can live on their own with proper meds and they are monitored after release for several months.
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