Dehumanlization of African Americans

Topics: Atlantic slave trade, American Civil War, Slavery Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: April 19, 2013
How could Africans resist the dehumanizing forces of the Middle Passage and seasoning and use their African Cultures to build black Cultures in the New World? Overview: enslaved Africans, not free to openly transport kinship, courts, religion, and material cultures, were forced to disguise or abandon them during the Middle Passage. Instead, they dematerialized their cultural artifacts during the Middle Passage to re materialized their African cultures on their arrival in the New World. Africans arrived in the New World capable of using Old World knowledge to create New World realities. 1. Traditionally African food culture has been preserved today in many areas of American Cuisine. * A.) Techniques of deep frying, southern stews (gumbo), and nut stews. Okra, black eyed peas, kidney and lima beans were brought to slave ships. * B.) Fufu , a traditional African meal throughout the continent, was eaten from Senegambia to Angola and was assimilated into American Cultures as “ turn meal and flour “ in South Carolina. * C.) Corn bread prepared by African slaves was similar to the African Millet bread. In some of the slave narrative reports, ‘’ cornbread ’’ was referred to as one of the foods that accompanied them in the New World. * III.

* 1. Generations of hardship imposed on the African- American community created distinctive language patterns. * A.) Several African languages are whistled or drummed to communicate over long distances. * B.) Developing their own culture and preserving their languages or creating pidgins and creole languages to separate themselves from their situation. * C.) The first Africans to arrive communicated with the European master through signs and gestures. * IV.

* 1. Africans brought traditional music and dance forms in their work, their free-time – entertainment, and their burials and other ceremonies. * A.) Many African Americans sing ‘’ Lift Every Voice and Sing’’ in addition to the...
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