Dehumanized in Night

Topics: The Holocaust, Adolf Hitler, Nobel Prize Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: March 23, 2014
Gerald Smith
English II Honors
10 April 2013
Dehumanization in Night
The holocaust killed millions of Jews. The Germans tried to wipe all Jewish people off the earth to get rid of culture, lifestyle, things that could have left evidence of Jews ever existing, but through all of the horror and dead bodies someone survived. His name is Elie Wiesel, many years after his experience with the Germans; he wrote a book called Night. His book consists of the childhood he experienced at Auschwitz and the dehumanizing experiences that he faced. His book won many metals, like the United States of America Congressional Gold Medal, the French Legion of Honor and the Nobel Peace Prize. His story, and many others from other people who lived, have talked about Nazis dehumanizing Jews and killing them. These are true people and these are true stories. The Germans themselves did not show remorse for their horrifying crimes. In Elie’s book Night it talks about certain events that took place that show Nazis torturing and killing Jews. In one scene, the SS officers capture Jews, make them get on a truck and then drive the families across the border to Poland were they later make them dig their own graves. They parents are shot and buried, “Infants were tossed into the air and used them as targets for the machine guns.” (Wiesel page 6) These soldiers were killing the dead parent’s babies and for their entertainment, they used them for shooting practice. When Adolf Hitler declared all Jews to be vanquished, the German soldiers would take Jews from the ghettos and take them into these small, squared and empty train carts. These carts were about as small as a normal restroom. They squeezed 80 people in to one cart. They had no room to move, not even room to move their hands, barley enough room to sit down so most of them stood for days and they were only given small amount of bread and water. There were no toilets, so they defecated on the floor.” There are eighty of you in the...
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