Dehumanization In The Holocaust

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi concentration camps, Auschwitz concentration camp Pages: 3 (1198 words) Published: April 15, 2014
As the German economy declined President Paul von Hindenburg looked for outside influences to help improve the economy. Using Adolf Hitler, Von Hindenburg terminated the democracy and started new laws. After Von Hindenburg died, Hitler took complete control as the new dictator of Germany. During World War I, Nazi Germany and its collaborators murdered six million Jewish men, women, and children in the time period known as he Holocaust. Concentration camps, Auschwitz, and medical experiments contributed to the attempts of systematic dehumanization during the holocaust. Initially, Hitler and his armies built concentrations camps to seclude anyone not perceived as the ideal human being. Upon taking one step off of their transportation Jews immediately separated into different groups, the weak sent off for death, while the strong stayed. In his book, Holocaust, Geoffrey Wigoder says, “Upon arrival at Auschwitz, Jews faced selection. A SS physician would divide the young and the able-bodied from other prisoners. Those selected to die would be sent directly to the gas chambers.” (“Wigoder 190”) The SS officers used the new delivery of prisoners as a selection process to decide who stayed to work while the unfit reluctantly left for the gas chambers. With scarce resources, officers used food as a privilege and a punishment, with little to no food, prisoners saw the idea of eating as a confirmation of another day of living. Johann Paul Kremer explains, “Typically prisoners got a little more than 1000 calories a day; most of the “food” was nearly inedible. Within three to six months, many prisoners succumbed to starvation.” (“Kremer”) Even though the prisoners ate everyday, the SS did the bare minimum of keeping them alive, only feeding them inedible food. With the over population of prisoners in camps the Nazis took advantage of the numerous people and put them to work for their own military needs. In the article, Concentration Camps, it states “The incarceration of...
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